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By on March 4, 2020

S G CREDIT PTE. LTD. ® Medical Financing Loans

“Health is wealth.”

The most important thing in life is that you and your loved ones are healthy and happy. That said, when a medical emergency befalls, it is not only the mental and emotional aspects of your life that are strained. Your finances will take a toll as well.

Medical bills can quickly cripple a family’s finances. Most diseases tend to silently creep into a patient’s body while some conditions burst onto the scene unexpectedly leaving mayhem in its wake. Pre and post hospital visits, emergency procedures, operations and medication can easily cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. Lest to say, this is not money that most of us have. Health insurance is usually the rst option that comes to mind but, even that may not be enough. It also does not cover every condition as health insurance companies are enforcing their restrictions on what procedures or ailments they can and cannot include.

When insurance is not an option, it is imperative that patients or families nd other sources to cater to medical bills. Medical loans remain the next best option for people looking to clear medical bills.

What Is A Medical Financing Loan?

Medical loans are loans intended to specically fund medical costs that cannot be covered by health insurance.

They cater for scheduled or emergency surgical procedures, necessary medical procedures, out of network charges, medical debt consolidation, or any other medical cost that may arise. It is also wise to note that your Medisave account has withdrawal limits and that your insurance policies may not cover pre-existing conditions.

This is where a medical loan can come in handy to help you take the burden off your finances so that you can focus on treatment. As an established money lender in Singapore, S G CREDIT PTE. LTD. has been a trusted moneylending institution, providing medical loans to hundreds of Singaporeans over the years.

The Cost Of Common Medical Procedures

Below is a list of some common and emergency medical procedures, and the estimated costs after government subsidisation, under a public hospital, class B2 (do expect to pay more if you opt for a private hospital):

Source: Ministry Of Health Singapore

Don’t let the cost of medical procedures prevent you from delaying treatment.

Fast, Affordable And Flexible Medical Financing

At S G CREDIT PTE. LTD., we aim to make our loans accessible to everyone. This is why we have kept our loan terms as friendly as possible.

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