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By on March 4, 2020

What is the difference between Payday Loans and Personal Loan? A payday loan is tied to the date of your salary.

For example: Your pay day is on 30th and you take a loan on the 10th.
This means that you will make repayment on the 30th instead of 1 month later. How is this good for you? This just means that you will only be paying 20 days of interest instead of 30 days! You will be saving yourself 10 days worth of interest.

S G CREDIT PTE. LTD. Offers The Best Payday Loans With Low Interest in Singapore

S G CREDIT PTE. LTD. is a licensed moneylender registered with the Ministry of Law, therefore our services have been approved by a regulatory body in Singapore. In an industry where consumers are not able to easily access loans, our mission is to make your life easier through a tailor-made payday loan that suits your needs. We have been in the financial industry for long and we appreciate that banks do not have time for small loans. Our business is thus founded on the need to fill this existing financing gap.

Points To Look Out For The Best Payday Loan in Singapore

Easy application and approval – You don’t have to wait for weeks on end before your application is finally approved or rejected as happens with banks. Private and licensed money lenders like us have an easy and convenient online application process which saves time and money.

Versatile financing – Your cash can be used to sort out any form of emergency, be it car repairs, medical emergency, household utility bills or anything else.

Tailored loan product – There is no one-fits-all payday loan. Instead, your loan provider will evaluate your needs and propose the best loan for you. This makes it easier to repay once you have sorted your financial needs.

For one of the most affordable payday loans in Singapore, simply apply for a loan with us or pick up the phone and talk to us today. Our commitment is to exceed your expectations by offering easy and flexible loan terms.

We offer financial products that are tailored to your needs. Click here to apply for a loan now.

Your payment is $1,378.82 for 24 months. Starting balance is $30,000.
* Principal balance includes interest accrued
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